The Lavender Drop Lounge is a new project I have been working on with the founder of MagnesiumLife oil. She sells Young Living essential oils and needed a blog logo to send out relevant information to all of her clients. We worked together on the design, and the client was very clear on her ideas for the logo. Wanting to stick to the colours of the lavender flower, and using paint techniques which mimic oil, I came up with this simple design which is not only bright and cheerful, but funky and artistic too. The demographic for the essential oils are healthy living, eco friendly mothers who are interested in natural remedies for the family. Creating a very hand drawn logo worked well for this, as its natural and not over worked.

After creating the initial logo, I continue to work with Sara on marketing materials for her Living Oil business. I have created a CD and cover, to be purchased by colleagues of her business also selling the oils. I have also used the logo, and variations in publications and flyers, and no doubt will continue to create marketing materials for her business in the future.

  • Customer MagnesiumLife
  • Date 2014