These two logos were designed for two separate businesses linked together not only by the owner, but the products sold.

Hidden Peaks:

Hidden Peaks is the logo to a revolutionary new design in surf caps. The caps that the surf lifesaving clubs use around Australia do not currently provide protection to the eyes. Nic (Hidden Peaks owner) has designed the caps to now house a hidden peak, which can be pulled out to use while on the beach, and quickly hidden within the cap when used in the water. I designed the logo to not only represent the ocean, by using the wave, but the shape of the wave with the text is similar to the cap with the hidden peak. A simple, yet effective logo for this business, which has taken off incredibly well, and all caps contain this Hidden Peaks logo!

One Stop Shop:

The One Stop Shop is the online shop where you can purchase Hidden Peaks caps, but also other surf wear. It has everything you need for living life at the beach! I wanted the logos to represent the sun, sand and water, but also contain colours which were identifiable to surf lifesaving. I also designed the business cards and letterheads for this company and am really happy with the outcome.

  • Project Logo
  • Customer Hidden Peaks/One Stop Shop
  • Date 2013