Beach Wedding Checklist

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While beach weddings do tend to give of a cruisey vibe, there is still a lot of organising to do! Like any outdoor wedding, beach weddings require a lot of extra thought. Here’s your beach wedding checklist sorted! The hair … Continued

Why wedding stationery is important

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I find that in my profession, as a wedding stationery designer, I am considered a wedding luxury. I am who the bride and groom may approach once they have extra pennies left over from the main budget. Although we get … Continued

When to send a card

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Sometimes it’s hard to know when to send a card. In the digital age it can feel silly or over the top to sit down and hand write your thoughts and feelings for friends or family. But there is no … Continued

Wedding Stationery For Destination Weddings

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  Planning a destination wedding is always difficult but the reward of an amazing location or being able to collect together all of your closest friends and family is obviously priceless. Choosing a destination wedding takes some of the stress … Continued

How to word your wedding invitations

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Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse at the styling and feel of your wedding. They provide the guests with ideas on colours, how formal the day will be and whether it will be a religious one or not. There … Continued

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